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Happiness can’t be bought. But it can be baked!

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Flour, butter, eggs and sugar may be simple ingredients, but we’ve spent the over 4 decades making some amazing sweet baked goodies with them. Sure, that might sound a little old-fashioned in a world that seems to be obsessed with technology and posts. But while we have nothing against a good post, we are convinced that there is a certain kind of timeless happiness that you can only get from taking a bite of a delicious sweet treated baked by Otis Spunkmeyer®. And we should know because in our 44+ years of making cookies, muffins and other sweet delicious treats, we have mastered the art of deliciousness.

You may be seeing Otis Spunkmeyer in some new places, but we are anything but a new company. Since starting as a chain of cookie stores in 1977, we have grown in all sorts of ways. We moved into foodservice making fresh-baked cookies in thousands of locations in every corner of the country. And now a whole generation of kids has grown up knowing Otis Spunkmeyer as a delicious and effective fundraising technique for their local organizations. Over the last 44+ years those activities have created a familiarity (70% aided brand awareness nationwide) and loyalty for the brand.

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